May 31, 2012


Im really stuck between buying a mac or buying an IPad, they both have there pros and cons. The Mac is rather expensive from £999 were as the IPad comes in at £399. They both have the same apps on them apart from Photoshop on the IPad which is what i mainly want it for. Im wanting to buy one of these to help with my college work as i study photography, media and textiles this would help me with my work. The IPad would be convenient as i can carry it around with me and use it where ever i like, however it doesn't have a keyboard and is all touch screen so i  would find it quite hard to use for editing photos and creating videos on. The mac is perfect but i just cant bring my self to pay that much money for a computer. If any one has these two products please can i have you advice on them and let me know what you like and dislike about the products.

May 24, 2012


I think this bird cage is the one thing i love best about my room, I made three little butterflies to put in it which are made out of old discolored books and then put my fairy lights around the cage. Which i absolutely love on a night, makes my room so cozy!

May 20, 2012


NEED THESE SO BAD!I really really want these but just cant bring my self to pay £70 for some leggings. I tried them on this week in America Apparel and they are amazing, they fit so nice and pulled you in and supports you every were you need them to but still allows you to move around freely.

If anyone has them please tell me what you think and are they worth the £70, i want them so bad just cant bring my self to pay the price! so expensive!

May 15, 2012


Found this little beauty whilst on a textiles trip with college, love it so much!

Old Photos

 Looking through my photo box and found these, love looking through old photos found some right beauty's!

May 13, 2012


These last few weeks have been very stressful with my textiles and photography exam practically running side by side of each other . I'm really happy with my final out come in textiles despite the problems throughout it - textiles department running out of my material, which really messed up what i was doing but i managed to work round it and get it all done just in time. Gutted i dint get a photo.

Photography exam dint go too bad either, it was so relaxed which i loved. I managed to produce five boards in the space of eight hours, four digital and one dark room print. I am really happy with the colors of the prints. Ive only got one exam left which is media that is this Tuesday i really should get revising but i just cant bring my self round to do it when i know  i should, cant wait to get this exam out of the way then i can relax in study leave and then i just got to wait for the results, roll on August!