May 31, 2012


Im really stuck between buying a mac or buying an IPad, they both have there pros and cons. The Mac is rather expensive from £999 were as the IPad comes in at £399. They both have the same apps on them apart from Photoshop on the IPad which is what i mainly want it for. Im wanting to buy one of these to help with my college work as i study photography, media and textiles this would help me with my work. The IPad would be convenient as i can carry it around with me and use it where ever i like, however it doesn't have a keyboard and is all touch screen so i  would find it quite hard to use for editing photos and creating videos on. The mac is perfect but i just cant bring my self to pay that much money for a computer. If any one has these two products please can i have you advice on them and let me know what you like and dislike about the products.


  1. Hey! I have a Macbook and I love it so much. I have had it for almost four years and it never lets me down. I wouldn't trade it for an iPad. I feel like iPads are just bigger iPhones! And do they even have usb ports or a place to put your memory card? iPads are fun but I just don't think they're practical.

    Bite the bullet and invest in a macbook :)


    1. Thankyou for your advice its really helped but im so indecisive!

      folllowing you :) xx