June 22, 2012


Today i went round to my grandma and granddad's to help them with the decorating, whilst there we got talking  about life, my grandam then came out with 'we've had such a good life, if we could we'd rewind it and do it all again' I cant believe how happy this made me! Im so glad they've had such a good life as they deserve every minuet off it and Im so proud of them. I cant begin to explain in words how much my grandma saying that to me really means to me . I will remember that for ever, love you grandma and grandad!

June 19, 2012


Airplane | Dad after landing | Dad after doing the skydive | Dad and Curt | Nick parachuting | Vanessa doing skydive | Vanessa after her sky dive - Love this photo! 

Over the past few month me and my family have been fundraising to try help me raise funds to go over to Africa in summer 2013, as one of the fundraisers my dad and Lisa volented to do a sponsored skydive for me. My dad asked me to do it with him but i couldn't bring my self to do it ( too scared! ) We collected sponsors from family and friends and the day finally came! We drove down to Southampton and set up our tents at the side of the 'drop zone', whilst there we met so many nice people, the place was so relaxed and every one was so easy to get on with and really made you feel like you was at home! I met one guy called Nick who really inspired me, so many stories and such a good live. (read more here) The morning came and i woke up to a plane taking off and the first skydivers were up in the air and before we new it ten people were free falling out of the sky and floating down with parachutes, i was so excited and was kind of regretting not taking the opportunity and saying that id do with my dad! My dad and Lisa began to fill in the forms to confirm they were going to do the skydive, my dad was pooing his self! They decided that they'ed like to do the shoot in the afternoon and waited for the last plane, the time came and my dad was the first up, he was so scared be he new he had to do it, off he went in his little plane strapped to another guy, the plane took about 15 minuets to clime to 15000ft , the engine slowed down and finally stopped - when you couldn't here the engine you knew they were on there way down! the clouds opened and we saw my dad fall like a tiny ant free falling from the sky, he came down and he absolutely loved it! He had the biggest smile on his face and wanted to do it again, Lisa went up next and came down with the same smile on her face. They loved it, I was so proud of them both and they both raised a massive £900 just got to collect the money now!